2 Friends, 2 Schools (Chapter II)


Molly Q. and Inara C.


When I first walked into the school I saw blue and green. I saw a lot of trophies. They lined every wall. I figured that they were a very competitive school.

 “I hope that I will not play Willow for basketball”, 

I muttered under my breath. I looked down at my bland blue and green uniform and was everyone else’s had the same outfit as me which is very weird.. I felt like no one actually noticed me. I walked by the biggest library I had ever saw and felt a little bit better. I went to my first class and everyone there was talking to each other. No one noticed me. I walked to a shy person that looked new. 

“Hi my name is Maple. Are you new? Do you like books?” I said.

“Oh uh h-h-h hi my name i-i-is D-Daisy. I-I like b-books.” She said. 

“Have you read the Space Cats series” I asked. 

“Oh yea m-my favorite book is i-invasion of the d-dogs” Daisy said. 

Then the teacher in the hallway named Mr. Troublesome yelled at Daisy because she was “running” and Daisy got in trouble. Maple looked up.

“You mister teacher were the one that was running to yell at us.” I said firmly. Daisy shook her head I was afraid it would fall off. 

“I-Its f-fine” She said. 

“You, Maple have made a bad bad enemy” said Mr.Troublesome.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” the class went. I rolled my eyes. I looked at Mr.Troublesome.

“Your name is true. All you do is cause trouble” I snapped.
‘AAAAAAAAA” the class went. 

“Gah” Mr. Troublesome went and released Daisy and spun on his heel and went down the hall.

“I forgot I had to teach this lame excuse of a class” he said stomping back. 

“SNAP” the class said. 

“T-thank you you d-didn’t have t-to do t-that” Daisy said. 

“That’s what friends are for,” I said with a smile. “Hey you wanna meet me and my other friend, Willow at the library  today”. Daisy nodded, I can’t wait to introduce Daisy.

“Sit down” Mr. Troublesome barked. Me and Daisy sat next to each other and we (mostly me) talked for the rest of the day.