Chapter 5: Lord Pillace

Chapter 5: Lord Pillace

Gabriel led me to my bunk. I was sharing it with five other kids the same age, who I were yet to meet. We were the only children in the building.

“Their names are Evin Yorke, who sleeps under you, Tory Bruce, Ollie Lancaster, Gloria Canmore, and Kia Alpin. They were found various times in the past six years. Tory was found first six years ago in Washington D.C.”

I nodded.

“Lord Pillace will want you soon. It’s best if you’re ready when he calls.”

“You mean I get a phone!?” I’d always wanted one since I hadn’t been able to afford one previously.

“No, sorry. We don’t use anything that could be tapped other than our technical radio system.”


“Don’t worry Ford. There will be many exciting things in the next few days. If you would follow me please.”

I sighed and did as I was told.

He led me back into the main lobby. The ceiling was two stories high and had dozens of gorgeous lights dangling from it.

An older woman was sitting at a very magestic desk near the entrance.

She looked at me and waved. “Hello Ford, nice to finally have you here.”

I waved back awkwardly.

“That is Angela. She’s a bit tipsy but is a very powerful woman.”

I nodded and we continued to a few sofas aligned next to the wall on one side. I looked around. For the most part, the lobby was very empty and open. Everything was white and quite surprisingly spottless.

Gabriel and I sat down. I turned to him and saw him staring at a watch. It was slowly ticking towards twelf o’clock. I heard Gabriel counting down from five, muttering under his breath.


Suddenly I flinched as a door was swung open a few levels above and a head peaked over the balcony.

“Ford E. Powers get up here this moment!”

“Pillace always loves to be on time. Great man, truly. Step to that platform over there, son.”

“OK,” I replied. I trotted to the platform. It looked like a blue flame. Unsure at first, though I gained some conidence and stepped in the flames. Nothing happened at first but then out of nowhere I was launched up and onto the balcony. I landed on my back and coughed hysterically, trying to catch my breath.

A form stepped over my sight of vision.

“A bit nasty on the first try isn’t it!?”

A high squeeky voice, but one that clearly had much on its mind.

Pillace leaned back as I slowly inched my way up and to my full height.

I was a meer 5’ 3”, yet I still managed to look down on the lord.

“I see you’ve noticed my size. That shouldn’t change the way you look at me. I mean business and according to my watch you are exactly 34 seconds late.”

“Oh! No sir. I won’t disrespect you. But, if I may ask, what am I late to?”

“Your meeting with me of course.”

I nodded and gulped.

“Follow me, Powers.”

I slowly walked behind the lord, looking down and trying very hard to not stepp on the back of his brown wingtips. He stepped into one of the many offices that lead out onto the 2nd floor balcony. There was simply a desk with three chairs. One on one side and two on the other. I noticed quite quickly that the desk curved toward the side with one chair, so I took a seat on the opposite side of it.

I looked straight ahead and my eyes laid upon six small floating shelves on the wall. Plants colored the same as the ones on a rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.


I immediately looked down to see Pillace checking his watch with ungracious eyes.

“Shall we begin?”

“Yes sir,” I replied.

He nodded. “I’m not going to hide anything from you, Ford. This isn’t some mystery story. This is real life and there’s no point in waiting.”

The lord took a breath and continued. “You’re special. And not just because you won the ITAA. There is a one in a million chance that you, Ford Powers are here today.”

I had no clue whether this was some kind for trick of what but I said one word. “Elaborate.”

Pillace smiled. “Allow me to explain. Long ago, before humans, there were two species known as the Qiib and the Axet. Continuous rivalry brewed between them. They each inhabited their own planets; Waubim and Bacakl. Once the Axet built advanced enough technology to look down at Waubim with satellites, they made no hesitation to try and invade. Waubim, although a few years behind, had enough protection to fight back this attack and repelled the Axetish forces. However, soon after much fighting and deaths on both sides, the Kasopted, the ruling government on Bacakl, decided to launch five major atomic bonbs into the five most populated cities on Waubim. These were the cities with the most advancements in technology, sciences and maths. With the most superior universities and colleges. These cities were Ladyzi, C’deazda, Wutyc, Csikl, and the most imporant city of all, Wetelukh. This was the most tragic day in Qiibzacc history. The day when Qiibzacc satlites recognized these bombs. Sadly, they were too close to be stopped. The Qiib prayed for all the time that they had. They prayed to their gods Dyuca, and Fuwac. After much grief and tears, the gods responded. They shared with ten men and women, their power. They were sentenced to protect the Qiib name for millennial to come. They swore for their kind to never die. They left Waubim with such sadness. They pledged for their friends and families and all of the great people on their home world. With their knew and wonderful abilities, they soared into the sky and into space looking back to see Waubim blown to shreds.

They turned their backs on the past, but they knew that one day in the future, they would destory the Axet for good. They soon came upon the planet Aukly. Now know as Earth. The planet I live on. The one you live on. The one that all your ancestors live on.”

I sat and gawked at him.

“Three questions at most,” Pillace said in routine.

“When did they get here, if I am one of these pre-human people, then why didn’t my parents have these powers, and have we found the Axet people yet?”

“All good questions! I’m surprised. Their first glance of Earth was as the meteor that killed off the dinosaurs’ effects wore off. The dust had just cleared and mammals began to rule. They fit in just fine with the apes. For question two, the answer is that the Qiib have been here for so long that the super power effects are dwindling and these powers are getting less and less common in anscestors, therefor, the abilities are likely to skip multiple generations before being applied once again. For the third, the answer is yes. We have noticed their appearance but we have not had any contact with them so far.”

“Alright. I understand now…” Presently, my face turned on like a light bulb.

“Or do you?” Pillace questioned.

“Sir, what is my power?”

The lord brightened. “It’s time you asked! Follow me, we shall now find out!”


Two minutes later, I walked into a black room. All black from the walls and floor to the desk and chair. The only thing that wasn’t black however, was the bright white tube in the center of the room. It was lit dimly by yellow lights that were encased inside the tube.

“What’s this?”

“Please, step in.”

I think that Pillace saw my face because he quickly said, “It’s not truly that scary. It just looks menacing form the outside.”

I nodded and as I stepped closer, the door opened sending out a rush of pure white steam. It  smacked me in the face like a hand and then passed over me.

“Don’t be afraid, Ford. Step in.”

I reluctantly moved forward and stepped into the cylinder.

“Thank you, Ford. It should only take a few minutes.”

The door shut and steam filled the container, however, I didn’t feel the need to cough. Something started to whir and a holder was fit onto my arms, legs and head. It heated, but soon it warmed to where I couldn’t take it anymore. I started to sweat, then I screamed. I tried to move but I couldn’t.

What is this madness that I am experiencing! This is not normal! Pillace is insane! My head shouted to itself.

Now, to put all my misery to an end, it stopped. I tryed to open my eyes, but I couldn’t. Blackness. I was sure I was dead. For certain.

Then suddenly, out of all of my surprise, a siren rang.

The hiss of steam once again sounded, and the cold room temperature air, circulated into my veins.

“Powers! Powers, are you all right?”

I stumbled out and the siren got louder. Pillace caught me in his arms.

“You … you maniac! What were you thinking!? Do you see my legs? Third degree burns I’m sure because I can’t feel them!”

“Ford, please. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Let me help you.”

I had no time to argue for my legs were in need of great medical help, so I, without further question, followed the lord.

We continued to walk in absolute darkness, but it seemed that Pillace new his way around. twenty steps right, thirty steps left and I blindly pushed open a set of white doors. This rom seemed to be the generators’ priority since the electricity was on here. As I made my way into the room, I could see that it was the infirmary. Unused at the moment, three on duty doctors ran out to assist me.

“Cel bimz yaka, stauca.”

I looked at him confused.

Pillace took one glance at me and then said, “He has not yet learned the language.”

“Very sorry my lord. My boy, please sit down there.”

The doctor gestured to a nearby chair and I rushed over, wincing with every step.

“I saw that the Upetelh Caarak broke down and shut off the power. Was that the doing of this boy?”

“I do not know, Dr. Bidlik.”

Bidlik nodded and said, “Jalen. Get this boy some cold pads. He must be dying over there.”

The other doctor rushed over to a cabinet, yanked it open and rushed back to me with a few ice packs.

Just like the school nurse, I thought. The comedy was running through my head until Zokca laid the pads over my limbs. The burns slowly disappeared. Evaporating.

“Wow! I very much like this new technology!” Pillace cried, amused.

“Thank you lord. The Lady designed these specifically for third degrees.”

“Powers, how are you doing?”

“Good, sir.”

“Very nice.” Pillace looked at his watch.

“Sir? Did you by any chance find out my ability?”

Pillace looked at me with disgust but politely said, “No. I believe that that is the reason that the Upetelh Caarak broke down. Either you are very lucky and have an extemely strong ability or, you have no ability at all.”

“No ability!?”

“Unlikely, however possible. There is a small chance that you would be here without an ability wouldn’t it?”

“Yes sir.”

Pillace glanced at his watch once more. “Time to get to the training gym. Maybe you will have a greater chance of finding you ability there.”

I nodded and headed for the door with no idea where I was going.


I spun around.

“Walk down the blue flame booster and then follow the red path to your left!” The lord shouted from next to the doctor. “I will be down shortly after I finish a conversation with Bidlik here.”

“Okay!” I yelled back. I turned back around and continued walking the way I had come from.