Sharks: Good or Bad?


Some people think that sharks are mindless, man-eating killers. But is that true? You see, when people go in the water to surf or swim, a shark will most likely confuse you with a seal, because they have poor eyesight. However, that doesn’t mean that they will eat you. Usually, the shark will bite and then realize that you aren’t prey. Great white sharks, the largest predatory sharks, aren’t even the most dangerous species. That spot goes to the bull shark, one of the more aggressive specieses. However, humans should still be careful while swimming. If 

you are bleeding, then you should stay clear of the water because blood attracts sharks. 

And if you ever see a shark, then calmly Walk out of the water. Avoid splashing or Anything like that, because that attracts sharks too. And while many people say that sharks are heartless creatures that only Exist to kill humans, they are really misunderstood creatures that have been Looked down upon.