Advisory – Good or Bad?

Advisory - Good or Bad?

Last year, FLEX was created because some students would come in late and skip homeroom because they didn’t think homeroom was important. But homeroom is important, so Ms. Somers put homeroom between period 2 and period 3, so it would obviously be much harder to skip. But the problem isn’t FLEX. It’s what we do in FLEX that some people have a problem with.

Extra help is advantageous and a good time to get work done, relax, or check in with a teacher to help you with a test or quiz. You can get any help you need to help you with anything, and you can also relax or do homework to free up a busy afternoon. STAR encourages people to read, but sometimes you have something more important than reading, or your book is boring, or you just don’t like reading, so it’s a bit impractical but it is important to read a lot to expand your brain.Then there’s SEL, or adversary.

“SEL is stupid. It takes away from time we could be doing something much more useful.” says a seventh grader on blue team. I think we could just have a sincere reminder occasionally about kindness and whatnot if some bad things are happening at school. Though it is important to be kind, respectful, and open minded, we should still have more time to work to reduce stress so we can be kind, respectful, and open minded. Instead of advisory we should have extra help because it’s a much more efficient, productive, helpful, and relaxing way to spend our time, instead of watching a video about something that should be taught through experience. “I like extra help days a lot more than SEL days because it keeps me on track,” says seventh grader Rithwika who wants more days to be extra help.

On advisory days we should have extra help instead of advisory, because advisory is in the middle of the week, which is when we usually have the most homework to do. Also people are always tired on Wednesdays and need time to relax and get stuff done. Extra help does what it says in the name. Extra help, gives extra help.