Her heart was pounding as she ran down the twisting hallways. 

The faded photographs seemed to stare down at her fleeing form from their place on the peeling floral walls. Her hands were shaking and sweaty, but somehow she still managed to continue onward. 

Her mind flashed back to yesterday, when she made the foolish decision to trespass in this sacred place. She had simply been going for a peaceful walk in the woods to clear her head from the stress of life. She had wandered deeper and deeper into the autumn forest. She vividly remembered the oranges and reds of the swirling leaves. A fawn had scampered into the brush after its mother. Eventually, she had stumbled upon a crumbling, deserted mansion. Ivy snaked up the cracked brick walls, and the green front door was hanging loose from its rusty hinges. Dark, gaping holes peered into her soul like eyes from the space where windows once were. Shattered glass glinted on the rotting wood, like crystals in a dusty mine. She hesitated for a moment, but curiosity took over and she went to investigate. A faded wooden sign was staked in the overgrown turf of the front lawn, warning unfortunate souls such as herself. It read; 


She carried on, unfazed. 

That was a grave mistake.

She glanced behind her as she ran, her face stricken with bone-chilling fear. A blood-speckled hand wrapped its claws around the wall. Her breath caught in terror. The skin was a sickly grey shade and slightly translucent. Its long fingernails were rotting, nearly black. 

She kept running, the blood rushing in her veins. She turned a corner, spotting a glimmer of light. 

Almost out.

She reached the looming spruce door and felt a jolt of sweet hope.

She extended her hand out to the door’s large iron handle, heart pounding furiously.

A scratchy voice rang out from the shadows.

“Got you.”

A shrill scream echoed through the dark, empty house.