The Worst Friday Ever


Clover, Student Writer

I pressed the button that read, Start Live Stream! 

“Hello, Clovers!” I said as I brushed some of the pastel green hair out of my eyes, and waved at my camera. Then I looked at the chat and saw a comment that read- 

R4sPbeRRy5674: what’s today’s weird story clover?

“Well Raspberry, I think you’ll like this one.” I smiled as I started to tell my story.

“It was a normal day in seventh grade, only two months into the semester. I was walking into my favorite class, English! I clutched my lucky clover necklace which if you can see,” I pointed the camera at my four leaf clover necklace, “I still wear today! Anyways back to the story-”

“I walked into the classroom and sat next to one of my bestest friends, Liz. I talked with her for a bit about who knows what, then the bell rang and I looked at my teacher Mrs.Vacker signaling her to start the class.”

“TIME SKIP!” I screamed, triggering a chorus of NOs from the chat.

“Anyway it was time for a random turn and talk so I turned to Liz and started talking about whatever assignment we were working on before. Mrs.Vacker came over to us while we were talking and I said the most life changing thing ever.”

“I feel like I’m about to throw up,” I said dramatically pausing to look as the chat asked why that was important, “I was feeling a little sick, but then I made it worse by saying something along the lines of, ‘I apologize in advance Liz; if I throw up on you it’s because of the smell, is that smell you?’” The chat exploded with lots of mixed emotions; some people were like-

ponyB0y12:thats not that bad it could have been worse

 But other people were screaming-

LaLaLAnd3098:THAT’S SO RUDE!!!!!

“It gets worse!” I winced at the memory, “Mrs.Vacker was like ‘Clover, step outside the classroom.’ Mind you that was the first time a teacher has ever done that to me. So I was near tears and about to cry as I stepped out into the hallway.” 

“I was panicking, hyperventilating, and I want to say crying; but it was more like my eyes were glazed over and about to spill everywhere. Then she came outside and I started bawling my eyes out and said ‘I talk too much’ and stuff like that. She said, ‘Maybe you should think before you speak.’”

I waved my hands around while saying that last part and making a weird face. “Like do you know how hard that is?! It’s practically impossible, that; my friends, is why I have no secrets,” I whispered, casting a sly look at the camera.

“Anyway- I went back into the classroom and asked Liz if she needed help. She obviously said no. That was the first time she had ignored me little did I know, after I apologized ten times over she would, even then, make it a sport. So I had to suck up my tears for the entire class. After that I went to play golf, still holding in tears.”

“I cried a lot that day.” I whispered not looking directly at the camera.

“So yeah- that was a story I call Worst Friday Of My Life.” I said, “Clover signing off!” then ended the stream.