A Dragon-y Holiday Season

A Dragon-y Holiday Season

I decided that since the holidays are coming up, it seems like it would be a cool idea to make a survey about what people in The Dragon are hoping to find under festive wrappings!


  • A ferret
  • A puppy
  • A chicken
  • A badger

Video Games

  • A new gaming headset
  • A new VR headset
  • “Jedi: Fallen Order”
  • Bonus: Video game themed bedsheets!

Quoted Statements

  • “A nicely weathered winter!” – Mr. Blake 🙂
  • “For the Jets to win the Super Bowl” – Mr. Jarboe 🙁

The Best of the Rest

  • A waffle maker
  • Slime!
  • Slippers
  • Tacos
  • A $10,000+ mattress