Would You Rather…

  1. Not be able to eat your favorite food ever again or have to eat a food you hate every day for a whole month?                                         
  2. Never graduate college or never get your license?
  3. Have to go to Mars with your best friend but the possibility of not making it back or live in Antarctica alone for 10 years?
  4. Have snow days or remote learning days?
  5. Be fully remote, hybrid, or fully in person? 
  6. Be able to chew gum in school or not be able to chew gum in school?              
  7. Go to school five days a week and have homework, or go to school 7 days a week but not have homework?
  8. Meet a friendly dragon or have 100 pies of never going bad pizza lying around in your house?
  9. Be CEO of a good company, or become an amazing celebrity?
  10. Go into the past or into the future?
  11. Explore the ocean or explore outer space?
  12. Be able to fly or be able to turn invisible?
  13. Go on the adventure of a lifetime but have a high chance of dying, or live a boring life but not die?
  14. Save a puppy who is drowning or get a beautiful mansion for only $500?
  15. Do anything you want for the whole day as long as it’s not TOO crazy, or get knowledge knocked into your head and never have to go to school again?