Phobophobia – A Fear of Phobias

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Phobophobia – A Fear of Phobias

Frankie C.

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Hexakosioihexekkontahexapho – Fear of the number 666

Cacophobia – fear of ugliness

Genuphobia– Fear of knees

Bibliophobia– fear of books

Chromophobia – Fear of color

Chronomentrophobia – fear of clocks

Dendrophobia – fear of trees

Ephebiphobia – Fear of teenagers

Octophobia – fear of figure 8

Telephobia – fear of telephones

Papyrophobia – fear of paper

Philophobia – fear of love

Porphyophobia – fear of the color purple

Sociophobia – fear of social evolution

Samhainophobia – fear of Halloween

Podophobia – fear of feet

Arachibutyrophobia – Fear of peanut butter

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – fear of long words