Burger Battle: Which local restaurant is best?


Isabella M., Staff Writer

When it first opened, Shake Shack was a big hit and people flocked there to get their fast food and milkshakes right when it opened. But, after a few weeks since it was open, everyone has gone there and it’s not the talk of the town anymore. The restaurant line went from going around the building all day every day to only a few people in line. Have people lost interest or have they just gotten tired of eating fast food every day?

I went to Burger, Shakes, and Fries, a small, in-town restaurant the other day and it seems to me like BSF is getting all of the previous Shake Shack customers. There was a 35 minute wait and every seat in the place was filled, and when we drove by Shake Shack, it didn’t look like there were that many people there. Orange team student Evelyn T. says that she would choose Burger Shakes and Fries over Shack Shack any day and says that the food is better there than at Shake Shack. Many people think that BSF is better than Shake Shack and some even think that is why the popularity slowed down at Shake Shack.

While thinking about Shake Shack, many people believe that the shakes are too heavy, gross and make them feel sick. Others think that they are amazing and that they couldn’t get any better. In addition, some people like the seasonal ones better than the normal flavors. One Red team student, Genevieve Y., says “The shake flavors aren’t tasty. I mean sure they sound tasty but the cheesecake one is gross. All of my friends thought it was gross, then I tried some and the next day I didn’t feel well.”

What do you think? Is the new Shake Shack better than the small, eat in restaurant that’s been here a for quite a long time? Or do you prefer the newer, popular restaurant chain that has recently moved in near downtown Darien? How do you feel about the two?