The MMS Library Rules – Should they be updated?

The MMS Library Rules - Should they be updated?

If you haven’t noticed by now, the MMS Library is really nice. There are a lot of tables for you to get your work done, it is open from 7:20 AM to 3:45 PM, and the librarians are nice and happy to give you recommendations. The library has a lot of books, it is surrounded by windows, and the librarians give you a scented bookmark whenever you check out a book!

One of my favorite times to go there is during Study Hall. But, unfortunately only four people can go each day. And then after that, each person has to wait five days until they can go again. I think that the library should be open to everyone during Study Hall! I would prefer to go to the library and do homework during Study Hall instead of sitting in the Study Hall classroom which looks exactly like the rooms I spend most of my school day in. And on top of this, the teacher has to deal with students coming to her for extra help, which can be distracting to kids trying to get work done. However, when I am at the library, I can do homework and then take a break to find a book to check out. Another reason why I like the library is because all my best friends are in different Study Halls, and we can meet up in the library and do homework together. I know other people do that too. For example, Ali Meyer, a 6th grader on the Silver team says, “I like how the library is open for Study Hall. This way, I get to study with my friends who aren’t in my Study Hall.” If all Study Halls didn’t have the rule where only four people can go, then people can do homework together more often. I find it a lot more fun to do homework with a friend rather than alone and it seems like Ali does too.

You might think that the library would get too crowded if everyone can go, and asking their friends to go with them. But, now that there is a recess option, lots of people would probably go to recess.

I am sure other people agree with me.  For example, Jasmina Ukaj, a 6th grader on the Red team says, “I disagree with the rule where only four people can go to the library at a time. I think this is an unfair rule because every time, more than four people want to go to the library but they can’t.” If there wasn’t a rule, people could go to the library when they want to.

The reason we have this rule, is because if four people from each Study Hall go to the library, that reaches the maximum capacity for the library. But after asking the librarian, Ms. Ryan what she thought about it, she thinks that it might be a good idea to relook at the rule because there is usually less than four people from each Study Hall in the library.

To conclude, the Middlesex library is really nice. We should be able to enjoy it every day we want to.