A Different Kind of School

Charlotte Z., Staff Writer

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Wondering why you haven’t seen 8th grader Diana McIntire in the halls? Well it’s because this year she has taken on a different form of school. She doesn’t get on the bus, but she does log on to K-12 International online school every morning. She still completes all of her schoolwork, takes tests, quizzes, and even has to do her homework, but she does it all from her computer. In this interview Diana explains what 8th grade is like for her this year.

Why did you switch to online school?

I was given some opportunities to pursue acting in Los Angeles. Online schooling allows me to split my time between L.A. and Darien. It allows me to learn more about an industry that I love.

What is the best part?

The deadlines are very flexible and I can do my work whenever and wherever I need to.

What is the hardest part?

The hardest part of online school is I have to be extremely disciplined and good at time management. I have to motivate myself every day.

What do you miss the most about MMS?

I miss being with my friends and participating in school activities such as Camerata and the musical.

How many hours a day do you spend on school?

Most days I spend at least five hours.

What class is your favorite?

My favorite class is Spanish because it is very interactive and I get the most variety of activities such as watching videos, recording videos, reading passages, and listening to audio clips.

What is an online class like?

When I first log in I have all of my lessons laid out, and when I click on them I get a list of all the different activities I must complete that day. I get to skype with my teachers, and I have optional live teacher-student sessions every day.

Would you rather be in online school or at MMS?

For now, I am happy with my choice to stay in online school. The trade off is worth it. January is the start of pilot season, a busy time full of opportunities for actors.

We wish Diana luck on her new journey, and thank her for her insight on her online schooling.

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A Different Kind of School