The Christmas Blizzard


Kartheek P.

On a warm Christmas morning, I woke up to someone calling me “Teresa!” My mother called., “Coming!” I said as I ran down the stairs, I then slipped and toppled onto the ground. “Holy cow” my brother, Tyler said out loud. I was kind of annoyed about the fact that no one was asking me if I was okay but I didn’t mind much. I walked up to the table and sat down, and guess who was next to me, Tyler. I wasn’t very fond of Tyler because he would always call me names and make fun of me so I really didn’t want to be around him but I had to deal with it, and like my mom says “It is what it is”. 

Breakfast was then served, I ate as quick as I could so I could get away from Tyler. I was done eating and I decided to take a break and watch a movie instead of going outside., I then heated up some popcorn in the microwave and then sat down, I decided to watch a Christmas related movie, because it was Christmas, right?

After I was done watching the movie I didn’t really know what to do next, I then decided to call everyone outside to play, I asked everyone and they all agreed, I then stepped outside and I started to stomp in the snow, it was really entertaining until Tyler said something “LET’S HAVE A SNOWBALL FIGHT!!” My my little sister agreed and the oldest of us all Veronica also wanted too, I guess I HAD to play. I was teamed up with Veronica, The strongest one of all the us was on my team! This was a big advantage. I was throwing snowballs at Maya, my little sister when something hit me so hard and it was so cold…

I collapsed and I lay there on the ground. I then got up and lifted my body up from the ground, I then looked up and Tyler was right in my face, I then screamed at the top of my lungs as he squished wet snow in my face. He then threw a snowball so hard, it felt like ice and it hit my head and I was knocked to the ground. I woke up, inside my house cuddled near a warm fireplace, I then got up from the recliner and I saw Tyler sitting on the sofa, his head down like he did something, I looked around and then my mom came with a cup of hot chocolate, smiling. She gave it to me and said “ Don’t worry, everything will be fine” I then smiled and looked around again and then said “Why does Tyler look so sad?” My Mom looked back at Tyler in anger, “He just did something bad, and needed to get a punishment”, “ Wait what did he do wro..” but before I could even finish my sentence, she was gone. After I drank my hot chocolate, I left it on the furnace, I forgot everything for some reason and I had to know why Tyler was being punished, but not now I had more important things I had to attend to before I even got to Tyler. 

After a while, I got much better, I felt “normal” and I wanted to go outside again, I knew mom was in the kitchen cooking our Christmas dinner, I went up to her and asked her personally, “Mom, may I please go outside” but to my surprise she said “NO”. “WHAT!” I never heard mom say no to a “may I please play outside” now I was really being left out on something, I asked her why and what was going on but she wouldn’t listen nor budge, I decided it was time for me to take matters into my own hands… I got dressed “in secret” so i could go play outside but the problem was the front door was near the kitchen and mom would hear the door creaking so she would know, so I would just escape from my bedroom window, I packed up my things and jumped out the window and started running, I then I heard mom start calling my name, she came outside and saw me running, she screamed in horror she then started after me, I sped up and escaped, mom was too slow anyway, her loud screams started to come to a stop and they very last thing I heard her say was, “Teresa….” 

I was all alone and I was walking, I was so cold and I couldn’t even walk because of how cold the ground was, I looked around and I was in the middle of nowhere. I was lost and I couldn’t go back home. I crawled to a window and I peeped through, I saw a yummy Christmas dinner, my mouth started to water. I then kept crawling until I fell to the floor, I then said my last words “ I’ll miss you mom, thanks for taking care of me” and with that, Teresa died, the snow blizzard then covered her corpse with snow all around. She died of the cold, hunger and thirst, and that was the end of Teresa’s life…