Movie Review: Wonder


Have you ever read or heard of the book Wonder by R.J Palacio?  It is a book about a boy named Auggie Pullman who is born with some facial deformities, and is home schooled- until now, fifth grade.  Now Auggie has to face the challenge of going to school for the first time and being hurt by bullies, and if that isn’t enough to deal with, looking more different than the average person.

Now, the Wonder movie is finally out!  The movie hit theaters on November 17th, and has been a huge hit since!  Based on the book by R.J Palacio, Wonder the movie follows Auggie through all of his adventures, lighthearted and heartbreaking.  Auggie and his family learn it takes a lot to earn the compassion and acceptance that everyone deserves, and Auggie becomes an unlikely hero at his new school, and learns that you can’t blend in if you were born to stand out.

The inspiring characters in the New York Times bestselling book are played by excellent actors: Jacob Tremblay (Auggie), Julia Roberts (Isabel/Auggie’s mother), Owen Wilson (Nate/Auggie’s father),  Mandy Patinkin (Mr. Tushman), Daveed Diggs (Mr. Brown), Izabela Vidovic (Via), Danielle Rose Russell (Miranda), Noah Jupe (Jack), Millie Davis (Summer), Bryce Gheisar (Julian), and Elle McKinnon (Charlotte).

Filmed mainly in Canada and directed by Stephen Chbosky the Wonder movie is, “earnest and sweet, with great messages about kindness, friendship, and acceptance for its tween target audience” (Common Sense Media).

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Jacob Tremblay expressed how much he enjoyed playing Auggie in the movie.  “What better character could you be?” Jacob said. “He’s brave, he’s confident, he’s true to himself, and he’s kind.”  This is certainly true.  Auggie Pullman is a one of a kind character who develops strongly throughout the book and movie.

The book is beautifully written and provides multiple people’s perspectives about a powerful character with a deformity. Very heartwarming! When we finished reading the book, my daughter immediately thought the book should be made into a movie” (anonymous reviewer, Common Sense Media).  And this reviewer’s daughter’s wish came true- Wonder is now an amazing movie, and helps you see the book with new eyes.

So, if you’ve read the book and haven’t seen the movie Wonder yet, head to the closest movie theater and meet Auggie and his friends and enemies.  Remember: you can’t blend in when you were born to stand out!

If you haven’t seen the Wonder trailer yet, check it out above before you see the movie!