Food Review: MMS Pizza


Jack P., Staff Writer

The MMS cafeteria tailors to its students with a wide variety of drinks, snacks, and meals. Given all this, the iconic MMS pizza beats all of its lunch time competition. Today, I will thoroughly review and pinpoint what spot the famous pizza slice gets on the 1-10 rating chart.

In a pizza review, the first bite is everything, (granted, before you eat the crust). It is a make or break situation, a last pitch of Game 7, the last punch in a fight. It determines the good pizza from the bad.

(Cue the slow Italian music.) The first bite of MMS pizza, a true delicacy, with the crunch, and the marinara, the lava flow of tomato sauce making a sensation in your mouth with the flavorful icing on the mozzarella. Then, you are caught by the chewy slingshot of mozzarella cheese that makes just about anyone’s eyes widen with joy and pure love. The oven kissed cheese warms your mouth, and then you swallow, only finding you want another bite.

In my personal opinion, the cafeteria pizza should be granted an 8 out of 10. Like everything in life, the pizza has its pros and cons. I´ll start with the cons.  I find that sometimes the crust can be burnt.

Former Middlesex student Charlie P. says, “I used to get pizza a lot but would often throw out the crust.”

Also, you may sometimes find that the cheese gives a reminiscent flavor of chalky charcoal remembering its past from the hot oven. Nothing is flawless in life, and I can assure you that this pizza isn’t flawless, but the redeeming features of the pizza are what gets the iconic slice an 8/10. For example, the balance of cheese, dough, and sauce that constructs the pizza. The cheese isn’t stiff nor is the cradling dough- which may seem like a small thing, but it can change the whole eating experience. The dough doesn’t bear resemblance to its chalky past and the flavor of the tomato sauce is just right.

In closing the pizza gets an 8 out of 10. As Charlie P. claims, “It’s not Pepe’s, but it will definitely do for the cafeteria at MMS.”