Lake Despair


I cry as my tears fall down 

I sink farther and farther into lake despair

I do not thrash

Nor do I try to swim

My life looks very grim

From the weary view as a look down into lake despair


I choked on the heavy water

Falling deeper and deeper into lake despair

The foggy water twists my sight

As I couldn’t see the light

Life was nothing in lake despair


The icy water embraces me

I can’t feel my toes

Yet my face is hot and sweaty

Who even knows

Lake disappear is foggy

Nothing makes sense

The bottomless pit

That never ends


Around the water’s edge 

There’s nowhere to go

A barren land of nothingness

It’s better to keep on shinking

That I know


I am alone 

Sinking deeper with each passing moment

I feel my mind slipping away

I have no control

Nothing could help me

At least that I know


The chilly black water embraced me

All was quiet in lake despair

I see nothing but hazy greys

The light could never reach me

Because I am too far down in lake despair


All my hopes and dream washed away

The throbbing in my head is no more

I feel like the water and not me

I will never resurface

I will only drown

In the sorrows of lake despair