Bring Her Back – Part 2


Abby N., staff writer

It’s been two months of this at this point. Maddie’s disappearance has lasted two months, to be exact.

I want my best friend back!

Thing is, I didn’t know where she was. So I couldn’t go rampaging through the town and pull her out of a thornbush or whatever. Fortunately, I had a hunch about where she was.

I mean, so far, I’m pretty sure I’ve talked to Maddi through Christmas tree lights, an unidentified figure tried to enter our home through wallpaper, and her family says they were talking to her in the woods, when they couldn’t see her. In addition, I had this dream about how me & Aubrey got stuck in a weird prison after the Demogorgon yanked the both of us into the Upside Down.

Does this not sound like another version of Stranger Things, or is that just me? I mean, Will’s mom tried communicating with her son Will, when he went missing, through the lights, and I thought I was talking to Maddi when the lights on the family Christmas tree started going completely nuts.

In addition, after Will’s mom communicated with Will through the lights, this weird figure (which turned out to be the Demogorgon) tried to come in through the wallpaper of her house. Which is exactly what happened with me and my family. There was also the fact that Audrey was screaming her head off during that moment, but I honestly can’t explain that.

Where do I even start with that one?

All in all, I have some strong evidence proving my theory that the Demogorgon kidnapped Maddi and took her to the Upside Down.

Unfortunately, I have nothing to explain why Maddi’s dream diary was found at the pond nowhere near her house. Though, there was no explanation — I mean, I don’t think there was — for why there was a body found at the pond that resembled Will in many ways (which was why everyone in the town thought it was Will, thus earning the name ‘Zombie Boy’ when he was rescued, because everybody thought he was dead), even though it really wasn’t.

Thing is, I have no idea where to find a portal to the Upside Down. In one episode, there was a portal to the Upside Down in the woods, but that same portal closed minutes after being discovered. In another, there was one in Joyce Byers’ house, but yet again the portal closed in the moment it was introduced.


That night, after I finished my homework and before my mom could yell at me for not telling her where I’m going, I biked off to Woodland Park.

If Nancy and Jonathan from “Stranger Things” found a way to talk to each other through different dimensions, maybe I could, too.

“Maddi!!” I yelled into the distance.

“Maddi, are you there??”

I could almost hear an extremely quiet voice coming from the woods, “Alexa.”

“Is that you, Maddi?” I shout, hoping for dear life that it really was Maddi who said that, and not my brain filling the void for me.

“Alexa! It’s you! You have to help me!” Maddi cries out, and I could swear I heard her footsteps getting closer to me.

I quickly surveyed the area, desperate to find a portal that Maddi could travel through to get back into town and back to her family. I found nothing.

I guess watching a darn TV show will never help me in the real world, I admit to myself, my shoulders sighing down.

“I have to find a portal back to our dimension!” I inform her, frantically sprinting around the woods.

“Alexa, the Demogorgon can hear us! Be quick!” she warns me, and I run faster.

Finally, I located a portal that was at the bottom of a tree trunk. I jump at the chance, not caring that it might be too small for Maddi to fit through. I probably won’t get another chance to rescue her, so this has to work.

I stick my hand through the portal, poking my head through as well to see if this lead to the dimension Maddi was stuck in. Sure enough, it looked like an exact match with the Upside Down.

“Maddi, find my hand! I found a portal, and I can rescue you!” I shout, and I see Maddi running towards me. Relief gushed through me like a fast-flowing river. I haven’t seen my best friend in months.

Maddi quickly grabs my hand, and I inch out of the portal, pulling Maddi with me. In the distance, I could hear the Demogorgon growling out in defeat, though I disregarded it.

Finally, my best friend was safe and back where she belonged.