A Terrible Fate – Part 1


Abby N., staff writer

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!” screamed Aubrey at the top of her lungs.

Oh, it’s always the one day that you think is going well that gets spoiled within 5 seconds, NOT TO MENTION the one day your parents are away and YOU CAN’T CALL FOR HELP.

I ran down the stairs to realize that my 6-year-old sister was being pulled by some creepy friggin MONSTER into a weird hole in the tree I never noticed. Ugh, that little ALIEN was going to give me NIGHTMARES! But, no, my sister is more IMPORTANT than my MENTAL HEALTH.

“Aubrey!!!!” I shrieked, running to try and grab her hands to pull her back to me.

“ALEXA!!! HELP!! ME!!” shouted Aubrey at the top of her lungs. You’d think she’d have vocal nodes at this point, but my determined little sister defied THAT odd.

I was surprised the NEIGHBORS didn’t hear us. I guess the elderly are just so tired they’re sleeping through EVERYTHING at this point. Not helpful, people. Not helpful.

In a flash, the monster got tired of our shrieking and shouting, I guess, and suddenly jerked us right into that portal.

And I found myself in a place I don’t think I’d ever want to be, even if I had the chance. Though, of course, I didn’t have a CHOICE, so here I am, covered in slime, laying down in a wooded area where weird particles were just floating in the air. Like snow, just frozen in place. With my sister lying next to me, and the Demogorgon from “Stranger Things” standing above us, like he was about to snack on us as if we were cookies. Or some DESSERT he favoured.


“Aleggsa, WAKE UP!!!” shouted Aubrey, and she shook me awake. I coughed a bunch of times, as if the air was poisonous. My vision was super blurry, everything was brightened, and there were black spots in my vision.

“Huh?” I asked.

Aubrey jerked me a couple of more times, and soon my vision cleared. I got up, looking around and trying to figure out where in the world I was.

“Where are we?” I asked, and Aubrey just shrugged.

“It’s like we aw in a diffewent wowld,” observed Aubrey.

I stood up, taking Aubrey’s hand while I explored this place.

Suddenly, My foot slipped on the slimy dead grass, and I fell into a large hole. I pulled Aubrey with me, not wanting to leave her alone in this creepy place.

Surprisingly, the hole lead to some tunnel leading somewhere, and as we fell down this tunnel, thorns were poking at us, coming too close to us for comfort.

Suddenly, we both landed SPLAT on the floor of some weird place. We were in the hallway of some weird prison, or so it seemed. Prison cells lined the hallway, each holding an either decomposing body that was soaked with blood and slime-covered seaweed, or a living person that was pleading to get out. Though, nobody could. Nobody would, anyways. I was scared of what people would do to me if I let one out.

What IS this place? I think to myself as I look around. It was definitely a prison, that’s for sure.

The other scary thing was the fact that the prison cells contained monsters very similar to the Demodogs featured in the TV show “Stranger Things.”

What the HECK??

“Aleggsa, where are we?” asks Aubrey, staring up at me, a worried lock etched on her face.

“I have no idea,” I tell her.