Pinky Promise

Sydney D., staff writer

“Hola amigos, como estas? Blah blah blah blah…” The Spanish teacher seems to drone on for hours and hours before I feel a finger stab my shoulder.

“Ow…” I look behind me and glare at my friend, Claire. “What?”

“Can I tell you a secret?” She asks, whispering at the same time.

Ooooh, a secret! I like secrets. “Ok, what is it?” I ask eagerly.

“I’ll tell you next period.” Claire says nervously. “Can we meet in the bathroom?”

“Fine…” I grumble.

My heart drops. It seemed like a good secret! Now I have to wait another period. I shrink back into my chair, and pay no attention to the teacher for the rest of the period. Before I know it , I hear the loud ringing of the bell. It snaps at me to get going to 8th period English.

When I step into the classroom, I shudder when I see the purple sheets of paper at each desk. Out of all days, why does today have to be the once-every-month handwriting day?

Basically, handwriting day is a day each month where everyone in the class copies down sentences from a digital document as fast as you can for 20 minutes. If you finish one document, you’re given another. There’s no way to cut the time short, and unfortunately for me, no bathroom or water breaks are allowed. This day is given to a different day of the month for each class period. My handwriting is really bad, and my grades drop a little bit every month because of my handwriting grade. And of course, this day is exclusive to my team’s English teacher, and my team’s English teacher only.

I sigh. I guess I’ll just have to do this first, then ask to go to the bathroom. I don’t know why, but I’m practically itching to find out what Claire wants to tell me. I’ve always liked knowing things (including secrets).

After completing the assignment, the first thing I do is raise my hand. “Can I go to the bathroom?” I ask the teacher.

“Can you wait?” She responds.

I gulp. “Nooo…?”

“Alright, fine just go.”

Yes! I stumble out of my chair and push it in. I walk out the door, and go into the highway. I hurry to the girl’s bathroom and see Claire inside, looking mildly annoyed.

“My class had HD, Sorry.” I mutter. “Now what’s this secret?”

“Why would I tell you here?! We have to go somewhere else!” Claire exclaims.

“COME ON! Just tell me here!”


I groan. Why did Claire decide that today was a good day for her to be stubborn?

“Fine, but this secret better be good.”

Then, Claire walks over to the wall and tries to open the window.

A sudden alarm springs up in my head. “What are you doing, are you crazy?!” I yell at Claire. “We’re not gonna jump out of a window on the second floor of a tall building!” What secret could be so important that we need to leave the school?

Claire stops. “Yeah, it is too high to jump out… Let’s go to the first floor bathroom!”

Seriously? She actually wants to jump out of a window? But the first floor WOULD be better to jump out of. Then, I say something stupid. “Ok. Let’s go downstairs.”

Then, the two of us quickly run out of the bathroom and to the stairwell. I turn around after shutting the door and…

BOOM. Our Spanish teacher’s there, walking up the stairs right towards us. “Uh oh.” I elbow Claire.

“H-holaa S-s-señora…!?” I stutter out. “I’m just… Taking Claire to the nurse. She doesn’t feel good.” I lie.

The teacher narrows her eyes suspiciously. “Ook then! Aaaadios!” Then, she leaves.

Phew. That was close…

When Claire and I get to the bottom of the stairs, we rush over to the bathroom and shut ourselves inside. Just like she did upstairs, Claire tugs the window open.

I raise my left leg in first, followed by my right. Claire does the same, and then… we’re outside!

“Ok, now tell me!!!” I beg.

“Alright, pinky promise you won’t tell anybody else?”

“Pinky promise.” We quickly bend together our pinkies.

Claire leans closer to my ear. She opens her mouth to start talking then…


I whip my head around to see the principal standing there. Her arms crossed and she looks angry. Very angry.

I shrunk into a nonexistent hole. “Oh gosh.” I tell Claire. “Well we’re in trouble now but… You WILL tell me this secret tomorrow.”