School Lockdown

Abby N., Staff Writer

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My sixth period English class is right after my lunch period. All the boys in the class are bouncing off the walls, which annoys me. I don’t like distractions while I’m trying to do important stuff. Anyways, nothing really happens during this class unless you count the normal annoyances, like boys attempting to sing, and engaging in loud, irrelevant conversations. Until Mr. Parker came on the loudspeaker.

“May I have your attention please? Teachers, students, go into lockdown mode! There is an unidentified creature roaming the halls!” As soon as Mr. Parker was done, I could hear loud squeaking noises on the loudspeaker.

The teacher, Mrs. Allen, immediately ran to the door and locked it.

I could almost hear my heart pounding. I didn’t like lockdowns, not even the drills. Being in a dark room, squished together in a tight corner. I shuddered, knowing this was even worse. An unidentified creature? Are aliens attacking my school?

“Everyone, to the farthest left corner of the room! Stay calm and as silent as possible. Hide under whatever most blocks yourself the most!” said Mrs. Allen, and we ran over to where she was pointing.

I hid under one of the extra lunch tables from the cafeteria that didn’t fit. I was glad that my clothes weren’t distracting, that my clothes were black, which matched my dark hair. Other kids squished in other places, trying to hide themselves as much as possible. Mrs. Allen hid under her desk, which was closed off by the poster board that she kept because everyone was trying to go into that area.

The loud squeaking noises I heard earlier from the loudspeaker got louder as it came into the hallway. My heart beat was faster and louder.

Please don’t break down the door to our room, please don’t break down the door to our room.

Suddenly, I heard whooshing and the a loud smash. The creature had smashed the door, and parts of the brick wall to pieces, with strength from a different dimension. Definitely an alien. The creature growled, its vicious red eyes looking around the room.

Who or what is this alien creature looking for?

“WHERE IS MADDIE?!” The creature growled, the muscles of its almost furry, gray, mutated, demented, gigantic, rat-shaped body flexed, and chills went up my spine.

That was my name. How did this creature know my name? And how could it talk?

The creature instantly looked right at me, like it could sense my thoughts or my existence in the room.

The creature ran in high speed right towards me, crushing the table with his bare hand, and picking me up like a dainty little flower in a battlefield. My heart pounded. I really hoped this alien creature with alien strength and speed wouldn’t kill me.

The bell rang.

Why is the bell ringing? Has this monstrous creature started a fire?

“Maddie, wake up! Wake up, wake up, wake UP!” A voice yelled.

Huh? Was I sleeping? Was this all a dream?

“Earth to Maddie!” The same voice said, shaking me in attempt to wake me up. “You’re gonna be late for seventh period!”

I finally woke up. “Huh?”

“You’re gonna be late for seventh period! You slept the entire class period!” My friend Alexa shouted at me.

Great. Just my luck on a Monday.

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School Lockdown