The Mask


All my tears fall down to the ground

My eyes foggy and filled to the brim with water

I hear people coming

I try not to make a sound

So I put on my mask

My wonderful mask

My mask makes people see what they want to see

A smiling little girl

All perfect and glee

Life is perfect with no worries when I am wearing my mask


I fix my mask

Everything has to be perfect

I feel the pit in my stomach

My heart aches

But I won’t break

Because right now I’m a perfect little girl


The people walk right up to me, ask me how I am

I am good I respond

Yet my mind is doing it again

YOUR NOT OKAY my mind screams

Wish it would just shut up

I just want to be the perfect little girl that everybody sees


My mind is torn

My head pounds

I just want to shut it out

But it will not be silenced

My mask is still, and all they can is see the perfect little girl that everyone sees


I can’t do this any more

My mind is a mess

I am just a pretty girl in a dress

But they can’t tell what goes on beyond the mask

The mess that is created from the amazing little mask


I run to my room and throw it onto the floor

I can see the mask shatter on the ground

It doesn’t make a sound

The mask is not me

I am not the mask

Tears fill up my eyes 

I glance at the people 

They watch in horror

Though I don’t care anymore

Because I am not the mask and the mask is not me