The Shade of My Tree


The tree above me protects me

I feel safe in it’s shade

I know it will never leave me

For it has no legs of its own


I love the trees protection

Against the rainy storms

The sky full of emotion

Can not penetrate me

For I am under my tree


The trees branches shake violently, in the wind

This storm is different 

It shakes the tree hard

But I am untouched 


The sun shines and I get little glimmers

Yet I am cool under the shade

I am protected under the tree

From all that comes my way


The rain pores, the sun shines

The tree takes it all in

The tree grows, and I shrink under its shade

I feel like I do when I was young

Except I’m twenty one


A nor’easter roll into the sky

I know all is well

Because I have my tree

And the tree has me

We will do well


The tree creaks and there is flashes of light everywhere

The tree leans towards the left

I know I can not stay

But I don’t to go my own way

The tree waves violently

I grip onto it’s branches

I try to help it up

But I know it will crash on me


I crawl out from under the tree

And the heavy sky rains down on me

My tears fall to the ground as the rain pours on me


I watch the tree fall and I sit curled up on the ground

Alone and sad

But I see the sun come out from the clouds

And I feel its warm embrace

I never have felt this happy before


Other people walk about playing in the sun

I jump in the puddles 

That was once my tears

But I am happy

And am sad no more

The rays brightens everyone’s day

I lean from side to side

Imitating the rain and the sun

As I balance on the log that once was my tree