Wilted Flower

Wilted Flower

Lily S.

Wilted flower

Around a year ago,

My flower wilted

Around a year ago, 

I put my umbrella up against the emotional sky

And once that happened, 

I never saw weather again. 

No more rain from my teary eyes

And no more sunshine from my smile

No more foggy sadness

And no more random beams of happiness

But because of that,

Because I cut off the weather completely,

My flower wilted.

The flower could no longer feed off the sunlight and teardrops

I kept the umbrella to shield me from the emotion

But then I kept it that way for too long,

So now i’m scared

I’m scared of the downpour

And the blinding light

Being too much,

And too much of a change from the constant shadow

I was in.

Afraid that the water will wash away the flower

And down the gutter it will go


But today, I will try.

Today, I will try to close the umbrella 

And I believe I will,

For the sake of saving my flower.


Today, I will save my flower,

I just have to get soaked too.