When I Get Older


Lily S.

When I get older

What do you want to be

When you grow older?

Do you want to be a teacher?

Or a veterinarian?

Or a singer?

Or a dancer?

Well, what do I want to be?

I have to figure it out

Before time runs out

And waste my childhood years

Preparing for the lifelong answer

To the hardest question on earth

I could be a doctor,

But I’m pessimistic

I could be a teacher,

But I have no patience.

I could be an anxiety-ridden therapist,

Or a marine biologist that’s thalassophobic

Nothing just seems to fit right!

The question hovers over me

Every day

Of every year

Of my entire childhood

And trying to figure it out

Is like trying to fit a circle peg

Into every single hole

Until you find the right one.

And I fear that when I do find the right hole,

I’ll be too small to fill it.

Maybe I’ll be too stupid

Maybe I don’t have a place after all.

Like a manufacturing issue.

And every job on earth bores me!

They’re all about controlling what we already have,

But I want to explore!

I want to go into the dark place that everybody’s afraid of

That everybody’s too scared to touch

Because they don’t know what it is.

Then I figured it out!

I don’t want to be on earth,

I want to go into space!

A place where nobody knows all

A place where there’s so much to explore,

Where I can make the difference!

And a place where

There is so much space

That nobody would be able to fill!

It may seem silly

And there may be people who think i’ll never achieve

But i’m okay with that!

Someday i’ll grow up

And show all of them

That it’s meant to be!