The Light Switch

The Light Switch

Dramatic aka Kate M., Student Writer

it is time to sleep and i get into my bed

i am about to turn off the light switch when 

i remember that i forgot my book downstairs

i do not want to go down there

i drag myself upright

thud down the stairs

in front of me the darkness looms

terrified, i turn the light switch on

and sprint through the rooms

i find my book

i see a monstrous witch

i am shook

i look back

it was just the light switch

playing tricks on me

i flick the switch off

i race up the steps, my feet clonking on each stair

i run from all the monsters

though no one is there

i sprint to bed, full speed

paying no heed

to the fact that i could trip

but it’s all okay

i get into my bed

and there i lay

the light switched flicked up is all my comfort and safety

flicked down it’s all my fears

all my demons

all these years

it has never changed

i am always scared to flick it down

i feel like, in the darkness

i could drown

is there something wrong with me?

i like to keep my eyes open

i like to be able to see

but i can’t sleep with the light switch on

so my fingers grasp that piece of plastic 

touching the wall it sits upon

one little flick 

and the light is gone

i feel scared

i see an evil silhouette 

i see monsters

i start to fret


my body adjusts to the darkness

i can see with my eyes

i discover

the monsters are just my clothes

in disguise 

i can make out my big desk

my dresser,

my shelf,

my chair,


i do not feel so scared

i turn over

and relax myself

push out the bad things

and fall asleep

away from me

a few feet

is a switch

it brings light, or darkness

flicked off, or on

to me, it’s an insane phenomenon

to others, maybe it’s just a switch

but for me,

it’s a powerful thing which,

determines my mood

so to me,

the light switch is viewed

as darkness or light

daytime or night

in the end, it’s just a piece of plastic

but for me,

it’s effects are drastic