Lily S., Student Writer


There is one thing

That is the strongest of all

It has no weakness, for it absorbs it all

A thing that nobody can get away from

Nobody can escape

Everybody is held hostage

By this thing’s incredible strength


It is more instant than a punch

Faster to come than a plane

More constant than breathing

As unbearable as pain


It sucks you in like a black hole

And won’t let you go

As much as you try to get free,

It will and won’t leave you alone


You cannot push it into a box

Nor throw it away

For this thing will always return

Faster than a boomerang


The only way to escape it is to die,

Which will set it off to another life

Even the strongest person cannot defeat this,

Even the strongest pill cannot dismiss


In your mind, 

this thing sets off nuclear explosions

What is this thing you may wonder?

Well, this thing is emotion.