2 Friends, 2 Schools (Chapter I)


Molly Q. and Inara C.

Willow and Maple walked to a shaded part of the playground, for the 20 minutes of freedom, they didn’t play tag or go down the slide or go on the monkey bars, they just talked. On June 13, Maple seemed off.

“You ok?” Willow asked.

“I need to tell you something” Maple spat out, like it was a piece of flavorless gum.

“What?̈ Willow asked.

“I-I” Maple stammered, dreading this conversation.  

“What, what’s the worst thing that could possibly happen” Willow asked, with a giggle.

“I’m moving schools” Maple whispered. Willow heard this.


“I am moving the next town over, but I don’t wanna” Maple explained. 

“But we were going to go to Overlook Middle School together, what about that plan, what about sleepovers, WHAT ABOUT OUR FRIENDSHIP WHAT ABO-” Willow started. 

“WILLOW we will figure it out it is not the end of the world, ̈ Maple laughed, I started to laugh too.

The bell rang, we ran inside. Me and Maple have been friends since kindergarten, and now she is going to a different school!  Like…what if she makes new friends and forgets about me, or for some reason starts hating me! I know it is not Maple’s fault, but I don’t want my only friend to move! And there are so many things I could worry about and it fills my mind. I mean, today is the day before the last day of school! She will make new friends, she’s  like that, but I’m not, I get nervous every time I’m around someone I don’t ́t know! 

The next day at recess, Maple and I went back to the shaded area.We sat in silence for a little.

“So…tomorrow I am moving,” Maple said with a little sadness in your voice.

“It’s not the end of the world,” Willow said with a laugh; quoting Maple from the day before.

The two girls laughed for a while trying to fill the awkward gap.

“Hey Mabel, I’m kind of sorry for how I reacted yesterday,  I hope you make a lot of new friends,̈ Willow apologized to Maple.  Maple nodded. 

“It’s OK,” she said. “I hope you do, too.” 

The two girls hugged, as the whistle blew to shepherd the students back into the building.